Wednesday, January 28

Series Recommendation #16: Record by KA Linde

I cannot believe I haven't featured this trilogy yet in my series recommendation blog special. Because seriously I only have nothing but pure love, love, love for these books, its characters, and its author (of course!).

I came across the first book purely by chance and it was probably the best stumble-by-chance book I found last year. Well, there is no probably to that statement...because it really was. The wait for the next two books was excruciating. It was times like those when I really try to swear off recently started books that aren't standalones but I'm not a very patient person. But all the wait was worth it.

I fell in love with Brady and Liz in the first book and was hooked by the time I read the second book, I was pretty resigned to the fact that I will have a hard time letting go of these characters. Suffice it to say that I delayed reading the third book because I was becoming a mess at the thought of the trilogy ending.

Let me just say that this was a beautifully crafted story that was generously spread for a period of two years. That's a luxury that we don't get to have these days wherein stories almost always have hurried timelines. I really felt that I was able to see the characters grow over time and took that as a privilege.

So I guess I should stop now. I apologize but I get all fangirl-ly when talking about these books. It couldn't be helped!

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