Thursday, January 29

Cat Haus (The Complete Story) by Cat Johnson (writing as Carrie Lane)

Working in a cathouse always was interesting, but especially after he walked through the door. Then, everything changed...

I'm Cate. Two years ago I was an English major at UNLV. Today, I'm a legal prostitute in Nevada and I was happy with that, and then John arrived. He's a billionaire. I'm a hooker. Now, things are far from simple and I'm wrestling with how to mix business with pleasure. How is that going to work? You can read that for yourself. Cat Haus is our story.

Sometimes there are moments when I pick up a book that isn't my usual cup of tea just because...there was something intriguing to the blurb, maybe I have read a particular review that perked my interest, or (yes, oh, shallow me) I just have to read it because the cover is awesome! In this book's case, it was all three!

(And I was glad to have come across this book when it was all in one complete edition because I don't how I would have survived waiting for the next parts in the story since this was initially published in three separate parts.)

When I said that this wasn't my cup of tea, it's because I am not a huge fan of when the main character is a, uh, well, a lady of the night or, say, a male escort. I may sound judge-y but it's just that I couldn't take reading about the main characters doing the horizontal chacha with someone else other than the one. But when I decided to dive into this book, I braced myself for all of that.

***SPOILER*** And I'm glad that I did because there were lots of that in this read. More surprising than the fact that I didn't stop reading right then and there, was the fact that there was no sob story behind why Cate was doing what she did--because she wanted to do it. But there was something about her that sometimes made me forget that she gets paid to do sex--her character was more humanized and in-your-face realistic. I loved that she didn't moon about for a guy that she truly didn't know except for the few days they spend together every month. I liked how she was accepting that what she did for a living might affect the people that she cared about even if some of them were her clients.

This love story was different from what I am used to reading. John and Cate were well written characters that I'm glad to have come across. They tried to take the best out of their situations that would've been impossible for ordinary people to overcome. It was what they were given and they had to deal with it. The rest of the world could say all they want as long as they remain a team, then all was good. The only thing I didn't really like was...well, it ended too soon for me. An extended epilogue wouldn't have hurt.

Final verdict: 8/10. Good read.


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