Saturday, February 7

Beautiful Burn by Adrian Leigh

I've broken him, bent him, and burned him, and each fevered moment was worth every ounce of pain. 

Auburn Lawrence has loved her English teacher, Reed West, since she was sixteen. Through brainstorming stories, reading classic literature, and plenty of fiery banter, they've forged a bond that neither of them expected. 

Propelled by a chance encounter after her graduation, they discover just how deep their connection runs, but love requires more than chemistry to flourish. They spend three electrifying summer months discovering each other under a veil of forbidden passion and desperate lust before they learn that the unattainable is often destined to remain exactly that.

By the time temperatures dip and snowflakes fly, their relationship will face a deep freeze that threatens to snap the bond they thought they shared, shattering their lives one secret at a time.

Notice that everytime someone tells you not to do something, you will almost always do the opposite things and do it anyway? That's basically how I came about reading this. I am not a fan of the teacher-student angle in romance. It just doesn't sit very well with. But I have to admit that I may have read a book or two on this subject. (Blame it on PLL's Aria and Ezra!)

So I gave in and decided to read this. Only to find out that I wasn't becoming a fan of the writing. It was too all over the place without any signs of cohesiveness in the plot. I couldn't put my finger on it only that I felt that the construction of the whole story lacked a solid core. I admit that I was cheering for the two character because, well, what was I reading it for, right? There were many an obstacle and I continually cheered on for both and their struggle to make their story right.

And then, boom! That ending. It totally felt like a slap, a b*tch-you-know-nothing slap. Why did I read this again? What a waste of time when that cover is so gorge. Sigh.

Final verdict: 2/10. Meh.


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