Tuesday, February 3

The Bittersweet Chronicles: Pax 1

Pax Clark is rock and roll royalty. The son of one of rock's most famous drummers, he wants nothing more than a career in music. But sometimes family can be a burden, and Pax is committed making it on his own. After legally changing his name, and taking off for a new town, he sets out to prove that he can be his own man.

Carly Nelson is eighteen and in trouble. Her father died leaving her a hundred thousand dollars in debt to a loan shark, and she's the collateral. When she meets her cousin's good friend Pax, the attraction is undeniable, but can he save her without risking everything?

First off, let me just say that I cannot get over the fact that Walsh has a grown kid. Least of all someone old enough to have a romance of his own. Nooo, never. Keep 'em young! But then life goes on whether we like it or not...even in books, apparently.

But in all honesty, the idea of this series is just beautiful. It was interesting to know what kind of kids Walsh and Tammy would raise. And I guess Pax's character, all the independence and the pride in making it on his own, was just something that could be expected from any child of those two. It felt weird reading this because the Lush series is not even done yet but at the same, it felt nice to know that the characters I have come to know and love (too much it seems sometimes!) were really doing well. Reading about how they, even after all those years, continue to still be a family and for the Lush band to be doting uncles to Pax just melts me on the inside. I love these guys!

I am already excited how this six-part serial is going to pan out. Pax and Carly have a great chemistry and I can already tell that these are going to clash beautifully. This first part of the series just served as a foundation as to who the characters are and and how their story will likely evolve. But most of all, I am excited at the fact that SL is writing a new YA/NA material. Ahhh, the possibilities! I can't wait!!! *flails*

Final verdict: 8/10. Great read.


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