Tuesday, June 14

Review: Struck from the Record

Struck from the Record Struck from the Record by K.A. Linde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Going into a book while feeling a bit wary (leery?) about the main characters was something new to me. It was always either I was reading about new characters or characters I have already fallen in love with from other books. This book was unchartered territory for me.

If you have read Clay and Andrea in the first three books of this series, you would understand my wariness of them. They weren't always so nice to Liz and Brady--and I happen to love, love, looooove Liz and Brady. Going through this book (in one go, no less) was a revelation. I did not know just how complex their relationship was and it was a relief to finally do so. Not to mention fully understanding now Clay's relationship with his brother.

This was a beautiful love story and I'm happy, although I only get to read about it in just one book, to finally read about Clay and Andrea's history. Love should never be taken for granted and that love doesn't remain stagnant. It changes and if you're lucky, it grows into something better.

I've become a sap. Damn you, Clay Maxwell. I love you, Clay Maxwell. Ugh!

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