Tuesday, August 2

Review: A Gentleman for Hire

A Gentleman for Hire A Gentleman for Hire by Olivia Starke
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

The premise of this novella just gives me the giggles. Because what the heck! If I had money to burn and I was single and hasn't had any in a long ass time and then dared to do something like this, I would probably do this! LOL! Although I just can't seem to picture myself pushing through with it. I'd probably run for the hills when it's time.

Unfortunately, despite what I just said, I felt unsure about what did happen in this book. I felt unsure about the instant chemistry of the main characters. I have read books with insta-love plotlines and may like some of them but this isn't one of them. Ahh, all I can think of is "awkward!" Just no.

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