Tuesday, August 2

Review: Love Child

Love Child Love Child by Kat Austen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was totally into the plot of this short read. When I started reading this book, I only then realized the reality that single men do have limited (or near to zero!) options when wanting to have children. Women have the sperm bank option and may have an easier time to adopt a kid. Society is no doubt leery if men want to take on the latter. So I am totally with Abel on this fight!

Because this was a novella, I tried to overlook the rather lack of easing into the whole story, I felt it was too in-your-face at the start. I wasn't exactly sure how I wanted to react to the instant chemistry and attraction between Abel and Adeline. (I'm pretending that I don't mind how the lady protagonist and I almost have the same name--I'm Adelaine!) Although I was happy that they were able to make it work despite how they met, I felt it was too convenient. Just a little bit too much, I guess.

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