Tuesday, September 20

Review: Dirty Past

Dirty Past Dirty Past by Emma Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the first book so I guess the rest of the book in this series will have a lot to live up to. Now, this book is still fun like only the Burke brothers can pull off. But compared to the first book, this read has a more serious tone as it had to deal with domestic abuse.

I have to give it to Ella for finally standing up for herself. Gggggg, I hate her parents. OMG, what self-absorbed people! As for Tate, well...I haven't really made up my mind about him yet. Probably he was a bit hard on Sofie in the previous book? Although I have to say that he is the type that is most lovable when they start to soften up. Which he did and was too adorable with little Mimi!

Although I think this book may not be as good as the first one, this was still a good read. On to the next one, please!

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