Sunday, September 25

Review: Embrace Me

Embrace Me Embrace Me by Ann Marie Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Despite being a short read, this novella still gave me the goosies just like the first three books in the series did. Hudson and Allie are still as hot as ever and it was sooo good to get to "visit" with them especially since I didn't know this was novella was coming into existence until the lat minute. What a nice surprise for a weekend read!

Any girl will appreciate a Hudson Chase in their lives. I mean, the man can single-handedly organize a location wedding. Now tell me you won't be thankful for that. As romantic as their wedding was, this renewal of vows was equally so. It's easy to forget that the prior trilogy was marred with so much nasty and dark twists. I guess this sunny follow-up was a well-deserved extended epilogue. We even get to join in their honeymoon!

It wouldn't hurt if sometime in the future, we get another novella. I don't know...maybe give Harley a little human to play with, yeah?

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