Monday, September 26

Review: Hitched: Volume One

Hitched: Volume One Hitched: Volume One by Kendall Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just the first volume of this series and I already love, love, love Olivia and Noah. These two characters just meshed so well together despite the love-hate relationship that they seemed to have. Well, love (or affection) when they were kids and then hate when they were in the brink of adulthood.

I love the witty banter and the easy readability of the narration. But I guess that has already become a KR trademark, hasn't it? Sometimes you just need a simple read that doesn't send you to your dark place before it rewards you with a happy-ever-after. KR delivers beautifully--and wrapped in a fitted suit with a sexy tie, too.

But wait, that wedding in the end though. I mean, the lack of. Damn!

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