Saturday, September 10

Review: Sex Sessions: Uncut

Sex Sessions: Uncut Sex Sessions: Uncut by Charisse Spiers
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Wait, what? Why so many porn stars in books lately? I cannot. I just can't. But with that said, I found this book to be okay.

I think Saxton was an okay character despite he did for a living although I would've really liked to read more about his family. That should've been explored more. Kambry, on the other hand, was a contradiction. I just couldn't grasp her jumping into the adult film industry after having come from a sheltered life. I don't think it's an impossibility in the real world but I still just couldn't wrap around her thinking behind her decision. But it made the story so I'll let it go.

Neverthless, even if the I find the circumstances in the plot a bit off, I won't deny that I liked the prose so I will probably the rest of this series a chance.

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