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Review: Turbulence

Turbulence Turbulence by Whitney G.
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Whew! Wow, talk about having a wait that was all worth it! It feels like I've been wanting to read this book since forever. And I was right to be so excited about this book because. It. Was. Awesome.

Jake and Gillian's relationship was fiery, to say the least. Or it was really more like a non-relationship, until the end when everything was going shite. It started as a fun no-strings relationship but it eventually became more. That made for great reading and only got better when Jake finally found out about the truth about Gillian. Or what he thought was the truth.

Stubborn men needs to grovel, yeah? Ahh, but when Jake finally begins to crumble, that melted me right there. When he finally gave in and first read Gillian's book, I knew I was going to forgive his pigheadedness which caused his and Gillian's break-up in the first place. But what I liked best about this book was when Gillian finally decided to do some growing up and be what she really was meant to be--become a writer--after her relationship with Jake ended. Despite the hardships she had to go through, I felt like applauding when she finally decided to get back her true self. I guess that was only when she became truly equal with Jake.

Ahhh, and the secondary stories. It's a pity there was only a slight touch on Gillian's family and her relationship with them. But Jake's was a totally different thing. That was a bit surprising and sad but explained his animosity.

The bottom line is that this was a totally fantastic read from start to finish. Only halfway through my weekend and it's already made. Thanks to this book!

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