Thursday, September 1

Review: Wild Nights

Wild Nights Wild Nights by Karen Erickson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As a fangirl of many a band, I am all for rockstar book boyfriends. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to fully connect to Noah's character. I did not feel his connection with Natalie was all too genuine. I just could not feel their hook up was as fairy tale-like as the ones in the first two books in this series. Not to mention that Noah had stopped communicating with Natalie for quite some time after Vegas...which drove me to almost pull at my hair. Almost. Ugh! Good thing this was a short read, huh?

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Rowena said...

Dude, I didn't even know that Karen Erickson wrote more books outside of her new firefighter series. Haha, fat lot I know.

Kookie said...

Yep, these were quick and enjoyable reads. I actually still need to start on her firefighter series. Ha!

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