Monday, September 5

Review: Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush Sugar Rush by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series just got better. Maybe even betterer. Holy crap, shit, gaaaaaa!

SB is twisting me in knots with just how indubitably good this read was! It picked up right where it left off in the first book of the series. Although I was not prepared with how this started. I was all broken for Sela but when everything backfired on Beck, ha! All I can think of was good on him to sweat a little (?) bit. The better for him to appreciate what he had.

How they are trying to put JT out of the picture while still exacting revenge for what he did to Sela all those years ago was pretty interesting. Everything was unraveling! Aaaaaaaaahhh! I cannot wait for the third book. I'm certified going cray cray. Way to leave me frothing at the mouth, SB. Wow!

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