Tuesday, September 13

Review: Wrong

Wrong Wrong by Stella Rhys
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stepbrother romances are a dime a dozen these days so they don't really get my attention anymore. But I knew there was something different with this book because I was reading it as soon as I had it on my reader. No, it wasn't because of that cover. Nope! (But hot damn!)

And yay for me because I got myself a nice surprise with this book. This was actually a full-length novel (I thought it was another of those novellas floating around) with a really good, well-developed story. These types of plots are all exchangeable in my head but I think this book may just stand out in my head. I loved Liam from start to finish. Oooh, that man! I liked Sasha but I got frustrated with her in more than one occasion. Woman, you wanted Liam and when you had him, you didn't want to go public? Or something like that. Hahaha! It wasn't cool going cray while reading at way past midnight. No, ma'am.

I am not over this book yet. I want more, more, more of this couple. I thought their circle of close friends was pretty cool, too--although the jury is still out on Riley, Sasha's sister. I'm not a fan. But I will get my hands on anything faster than when you can say spinoff novel.

Ahhh. Thank you for this wonderfull naughty read, Ms Rhys!

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