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Review: Beautiful

Beautiful Beautiful by Christina Lauren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was such a bittersweet read, not just for me but I'm sure a lot of the fans of the BB series feels the same. Prior to getting the book, my excitement was everywhere but I'm bad at waiting so I started on it as soon as I had it. But I had to slowly go through it just so that I could stretch my time with the BB gang.

And Jensen and Pippa sure gave us a great story! I loved that Pippa was not a doormat and that she knew how to stand up for herself. I just loved her spirit of fun and adventure. Although I have met Jensen before, I didn't really sense that he was carrying such a heavy load from his past. He did not have that vibe. I loved how this is not an insta-love and about love at first sight. The story was really humanized--about finally growing up and growing up from your past, about the fears of taking the plunge but taking it anyway.

I was only too happy to revisit the BB gang. I had to laugh at Bennet's feeling of being lost when Chloe became more agreeable after getting prego. And I never thought Max and Sarah will be having baby number four by book five in the series. Serial breeders, these two. And Will and Hanna...these two are just loved up! Will has learned how to cook, ladies. I thought he couldn't get any hotter but the thought of him in an apron is dangerous. Mmm mmm.

There are epilogues galore at the end of this book. Sort of like coming full circle but the circle has definitely become bigger. I will surely miss this bunch. Thank you to the ladies of CL for this beautiful series and the wild ride.

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