Sunday, October 30

Review: Cocky Bastard

Cocky Bastard Cocky Bastard by Penelope Ward
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I can't believe I got stuck at the first couple of chapters of this book. But I finally trudged on and I was glad that I did because Chance Bateman was a freakin' football (soccer, duh!) player, albeit former. Not only do I have a heart for sports romances but I'm a practicing Beckhamist these past 19 years. Shit, I'm old. But I digress.

Although I couldn't quite connect to the whole story like the other Ward-Keeland books I've read, this read still manages to give quite an impression. Definitely much better than others out there. I just don't like it when communication, or lack of it, is the real antagonist in a story. Gggggg! I was also freaked out with Chance's stalking. No matter how good his intentions were, it just felt off.

This was still a good read in the end and I loved the narrative. Hooray for second chances, too. Yay!

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