Saturday, October 29

Review: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Prime Minister by Ainsley Booth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is such an effing good book! Wow!

I wasn't so sure that something with such a realistically fragile (more like problematic) scenario that could get dicey when given a romantic angle is a read that I could really enjoy. But that cover was making it hard for me to say later to so I decided to have a go at this book. Kudos to the authors who pulled this plot off magnificently.

Frisky and naughty with a touch of sweet and romantic were the last things I was expecting from this book. I loved both the H and h--he genuinely cared for her from the start and she was a go-getter who knew what she wanted. This was probably the first book I've read with the biggest age gap between the main characters and yet, it was easy to consider it a non-issue. The chemistry between these two was just that crazy good.

I'm all for drama but only when necessary in the plot. So I liked how there was nothing major between H and h. I also love it when the I love you's come early before any shit hits the fan. And so many interesting secondary characters that could give birth to more books in the future. Woot, woot! Let's just say that this book was a win in so many levels, yeah?

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