Thursday, October 27

Review: The Sexy One

The Sexy One The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found this to be an okay read. Actually, it was more okay than most. However, this was a book that I'd been looking forward to well before it came out. So the bar and expectations had been set early. Unfortunately, it didn't quite meet all those expectations. There just wasn't enough plot that I could really sink my teeth into. It did not make me go whoa!

But don't get me wrong. Although it took me some time to warm up to the story, once I did, this eventually became a fast read. I loved that there was nothing insta about Simon and Abby, that they really thought about whether it was a good thing to be together, that they really took time to really talk and hang out. Although I wanted more scenes with Hayden, I still loved the dynamics between everyone.

The best thing that I liked in this book was the lack of fakelessness. Both Simon and Abby were honest about their feelings with each other and with other people about it. There was really no hiding of any sort and I really enjoyed that part. All in all, this is still a not-to-miss LB read.

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