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Review: The Goal

The Goal The Goal by Elle Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I decided to delay reading this book because I was too carried away by the entire series. I was afraid I was not giving them fair reviews because I was so wrapped in the characters and their lives and their world as a whole. And I have to say that because of that, I was also a bit apprehensive to read this book when there was too little I know of Tuck and Sabrina. Not to mention that the one time I met Sabrina in one of the previous books, she was somebody else's girl.

Apparently, EK knows just how to put together a story in any shape, way, or form because I was in love with this book (just like with the rest of the series) by the time I got to the end. Probably, even before then. Who would've thought that Tuck and Sabrina would pull off such angsty story and make you feel like you're not doing enough. And yet these kids were trying to make their relationship work despite the many hardships.

Pregnancy in young adults can be such a challenge, never mind that Sabrina was trying to make it to and survive law school. Tuck was just fresh out of college and starting to work on his dream business. There were obstacles everywhere and yet they manage to work around them. That scene when Tuck took Jamie out for a stroll around their neighborhood was probably my most favorite. I'm not ashamed to admit that I may have read it at least three times. Such a sweet, sweet guy. Ahhh.

It's such a sad thing when we have to let great characters go and say bye bye to a wonderfully written series. It was such a blast reading these characters and be able to have an in into their lives. I can only hope that what I've been reading around is true--there might still be a fifth book. My fingers are crossed for that one!

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