Monday, January 2

Review: King of Campus

King of Campus King of Campus by Jennifer Sucevic
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love these new adult sports romances I keep finding around. Although I don't always find everything great to read, they always seem to manage to keep my attention and that's always nice.

This may only be my second JS book but I'm really, really liking her work. Yes, this book could come off over-the-top sweet and too mushy but I was loving it all up. I mean, what's not to like with a jock that finally falls in love? With a girl who didn't who this big man on campus was?

I loved the chemistry between Roan and Ivy. Their connection and how their relationship developed was just too good. And despite their attraction with each other, they didn't get all sex-y. Okay, gotta LOL with that since it wasn't for the lack of trying from Ivy's end but, man oh man, did Roan become gentleman-ly or what? But these two were such joy to read. They both had good heads on their shoulders and really wanted to make something of themselves after college. Their conflicts were realistic that they were a bit predictable but I loved they were eventually able to meet midway and have some sort of compromise to make their relationship work. It really made for an enjoyable reading for me.

Good thing this is the first book in the series. That can only mean that I can look forward to reading about them in the rest of the other books.

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