Friday, May 12

Review: Damage

Damage Damage by Stella Rhys
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This read was the epic conclusion to the Abram-Isla love story that just got complicated! Because that ending in the first book was a killer. Goddamn. I did not expect the spin. Or the spins, because there were lots of 'em. But as with the first book, I loved how well-paced this book was. In your face and no dragging on with the story. I really enjoyed the epilogue because it really detailed things that I wanted to have closure on.

PS--And I also did not expect Jesse Toro. Whaaat?! I am not ready for this villain-slash-hero. I could not even bring myself to hate him. I have not researched it yet but feel free to let me if this delicious piece of a man has his own book.

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