Sunday, January 26

Series Recommendation #2: This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas

I think I may have come up with this blog feature on series recommendations just so that I can talk about this series. I certainly tweet enough about it. I. Can't. Stop. Not even after this. The only reason this wasn't reco numero uno was because I finished reading the Up In The Air series first before this. That's it.

I love my lord Jesse Ward. I don't have words as to how much. Him and Ava are just unf. See? When I recommend this series, what I really want to come across is: Read it. Read it. Read it.

Here are my reviews of the three books. (Although I suggest you just skip them and read the books instead.)

Others may not agree about how much I love this trilogy. That's okay--more Jesse for me. Yay! Did I say Mr Ward is currently my #1 BBF? Uh, sorry, Mr Grey, you have been dethroned...unless you give me your BBM PIN then I might change my mind about it. I might...ish.

End of.


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