Thursday, February 13

Faster Hotter by Colleen Masters

A good girl..a bad enduring love. 

Who knew wrong could feel so right? 

Siena Lazio never saw him coming, she never thought a reckless badass and notorious playboy could ever steal her heart. But when it came to Harrison Davies, the irresistibly charming and insanely handsome Formula One driver, she was proven wrong. Very wrong. 

In spite of media blackmail, her family's vehement hate, and an explosive rivalry, Siena and Harrison overcame incredible odds to find each other's hearts. This is the last piece of their story, one filled with secrets and angst, unbridled passion, new-found hope, and unwavering love. 

Although their journey has reached its final lap, what lies around the last turn is even more exciting than either of them could have imagined. And like all great love stories, the heartache was worth it in the end...

Finally! It has been quite a lag waiting for this last book in this series. Who would have thought that finding the first one and reading it just because I was in need of a sports romance at that time would lead to me waiting and waiting for the succeeding books to come out. Patience has never been my virtue so that's why I try to stay away from serials until the entire series has been completed. But I just couldn't say no to this. Nope, not this F1 junkie.

The best thing about being an F1 fan is that I had no problems thinking what my hero would look like. Contrary to popular belief, there are hot men in F1 (or in motorsports as a whole), you just have to know where to look. With a ready picture of the hero in mind, reading about Harrison became just too easy.

This book made great in wrapping up the series. The first half of the book was an emotional one as Siena's dad finally succumbed to his fight with cancer. I'm actually glad that the story tackled this topic as a main part of the story because in most romance books, the subject of death is usually just a small blip in the story.

The one negative thing in this book though was the waiting game. Siena had some important news to share with Harrison but it took her forever to open up to him and come out clean with it. It took the entire book, in fact! That news was big and was going to affect their future together but she kept it to herself. Good thing CM wrote Harrison the way he was so he wasn't offended by the secrecy. I have read of heroes blowing their tops over the same matter when kept from them.

Nevertheless, I was satisfied with this book. I was actually happy thinking I was only getting a trilogy in this series. But I got a fourth one. Booyah! More Harrison for me. It's just sad to be saying goodbye to this series because I enjoyed the company of the characters in this book--Bex and Charlie, Enzo...oh, good Lord! I hope we get to read about Enzo's story soon, yeah? And maybe a Bex-Charlie novella. That wouldn't be so bad.

Final verdict: 8/10. Great read.


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