Sunday, March 9

Love, Your Concierge by Jessica Ingro

Organization – that’s what I do. Control – it’s my middle name.

Hello. I’m Elizabeth – your personal concierge. My job is to play fairy godmother to the rich and famous.

The universal rulebook may say to never mix business with pleasure, but its author never worked for Grant Morgan, my sexy and brooding client. As a top attorney in Manhattan, Grant is used to calling the shots and dominating everything he touches. He also changes girlfriends as often as I pick up his dry cleaning. A part of me still wishes I could let him command my body and take me in ways I’ve never imagined, though.

One moment of weakness is all it takes to change everything forever. 

Addicted – I can’t get enough of him. Consumed – He’s all I think and dream about.

The book has officially been thrown out the window. I’m in love and completely terrified. With lines blurred, I find myself lying, cheating and stealing to protect myself from being hurt. But my choices affect more than just me and now I’m not so sure what I’m trying to protect myself from.

Will love be enough to erase all I’ve done? Or have I made the biggest mistake of all?

I have been looking forward to reading Jessica Ingro and even with some of her books already in my TBR pile, when this came along there's just no more delaying reading her stuff any longer.

The premise really intrigued me enough to set aside another book I was reading to get started on this book. And just look at that cover--gorgeous! Okay, I loved the first few chapters of the book. I really connected to how JI's prose and the story flowed beautifully until it reached The Snag.

The Snag being that right about two-thirds into the book, I thought the story kind of dragged a bit for me. There was too much pride between both main characters that I got a bit tired with both their pig-headedness. I am always too happy to read a hero's POV but in this case, I just got irritated by it because knowing how Grant felt about Elizabeth despite their differences, he still didn't get up his proud ass sooner than when he finally did--which was almost too late. Gggggg!

And there were two many guys for our girl! I can't. I just can't. There better be a book for Matt in this series. And it better be a goodylicious one. That man is seriously hot! As for other secondary characters in this book, I cannot wait to get my hands on Maya and Travis' book. These two are nothing short of kaboom!

See? I was already distracted by the other characters in the book to really stick to main ones in this one. I'm sure JI is great and I cannot wait to read her other stuff.

Final verdict: 7/10. Good read.


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