Friday, March 7

Series Recommendation #4: Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

This is a long overdue recommendation and was supposed to be posted more than a week ago. But I went out of town and afterwards was trying to catch up on other things. There. At least I had a good excuse.

Alright, so I was massively intrigued by this series--I was late to the party and all that. But I kept reading reviews on the opposite ends of the spectrum--with equal fervor!--that I had no other choice but to start reading this trilogy.

It started out entertainingly enough for me because who wouldn't want a Chloe-Bennett kind of crazy? Too much sex, too! But I can't really complain that much because I did enjoy the writing of the awesome duo that is Christina Lauren. And then if I thought that the first book was crazy, the second book was even more so. Max and Sara's story though was almost a point when I wanted to give up on the trilogy. I really thought that book was going to be rubbish. And I can only take so much craziness in one book...let alone in two.

As it turned out, the last book was a surprisingly good read and I was more than glad to have stuck it until the very end. Will and Hannah are unf! This book was just unbelievably good to me that I did not want it to end. There was nothing of the crazy in the first two books here. Just good old fun and romance.

So here you go.

As you may have noticed, there's more to this trilogy than just the regular three books. There were novellas after each book. Although mainly more focused on Chloe and Bennett, these were pretty good transitions from one book to another. That last one though split my side in laughter. 

Ahh, too much goodness within these pages!


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