Monday, March 17

Series Recommendation #5: Take Me by Colleen Masters

Forgive me if I have not blogged much lately but there have been some work commitments that made it hard for me to do so. Rest assured though that there were some reading done and a few books need to be reviewed.

My time this past weekend was also occupied with one of my other loves--Formula 1! The 2014 season finally started Down Under with the Australian Grand Prix. Excited could not even begin to describe how I is always a long three-month wait between seasons and with the new changes in the sports, drama was expected. And had.

And what better way to celebrate it than to post this series reco? I went gaga when I first came across the first book last year. Trust me to put aside whatever reading I had been doing everytime a new book came out. I was a bit hesitant to actually follow through reading the entire series because I couldn't help but question some the technicalities in the book. But I eventually learned that F1 is a tricky thing and can be a hard and technical sport to understand. Even I, a fan for a number of years, still have some things to understand myself. So I just let myself enjoy and get carried away by the romance, intrigue, and andrenaline between the pages. I will always love the story of Davies and Siena. 

So here goes the reco. I hope you'll read and enjoy it as much as I did.


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