Monday, November 3

His Call by Emma Hart

22,000 words. 
Ten scenes. 
Seven you thought you knew. 
Three you never did. 

In this CALL series novella, get inside Aaron Stone's head for the very first time. Experience some of your favourite scenes from LATE CALL and FINAL CALL from his point of view and enjoy three brand new scenes you always wondered about...

If you have already read the first two books in this series, this is a definite add-on must-read. Because what else could be better than a male POV, right? I guess a hot male POV would top that though. Lucky for myself this was that!

Nevertheless, this was an enjoyable novella that featured some behind-the-scenes of how things really were from Aaron's POV ranging from his surprise second meeting with Dayton after their years apart up to the time when he had to do just about anything to win her back and finally keeping her in his life permanently. This was after his secrets started coming out of the woodwork.

And what can I say? The sexy is just different when it comes from a male POV. All in all, this novella showcased different perspectives on the highlight scenes in the main two books of the series. This is the perfect cake-topper cherry. Pun-intended as Aaron is forever yum.

Final verdict: 8/10. Great read.

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