Wednesday, February 11

Beautiful Beloved by Christina Lauren

In Beautiful Stranger , finance whiz Sara Dillon met the irresistibly sexy Brit, Max Stella, at a New York City club. Through the series we’ve watched them learn to balance commitment with their less than private brand of playfulness. In Beautiful Beloved, Max and Sara take it to the next step. But the question is: Will they be able to find a balance between the wild sexcapades they aren’t ready to retire, and the demands of parenthood that come along with their new Beautiful bundle of joy? Parenthood: it’s not for the weak of heart.

I never new I needed another Max Stella read until I came across this novella. Then suddenly I was all giggles and butterflies-in-my-stomach.

This was what I just needed during a stressful week at work (and it's only even Tuesday!). The situation was a far cry from the Max and Sara that we were used to reading--both workaholics and not too shy about their PDAs...and beyond. It was so much fun reading about a couple that was new to the family set-up with their first baby. There was too much adorableness line after line after line. (I cannot imagine my feels when CL comes around to writing a new Will and Hanna book. I would just faint in happiness! I love me some Will, is all.)

So just about everything about being new parents you can read in this fast read. Whether it was about a couple getting back on to their sex life or even simply going on date nights or wanting to go back to work. This was just an all-around funny read (that picture "accident" with Will though) that ended too quickly for me. I just couldn't get enough. 

Also take note that we get introduced to Max's brother Niall here. Another character with a British accent. Seriously, how are we surviving this series again? Ahhh, I'm all melty waiting to read his book!

Final verdict: 9/10. Great funny read.

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