Wednesday, July 13

Review: Forever Pucked

Forever Pucked Forever Pucked by Helena Hunting
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am addicted to this series. Seriously, hopelessly, and puckingly addicted. I was a bit sad upon starting reading this book because I was thinking that this was going to be the last time that I'll be hanging out with this bunch. Imagine my surprise when I learned that there is at least one more book. Yazzz!

I love how this read turned out. All that hype about Violet and Alex's relationship in the first book was evenly matched at how they eventually got married. I did not expect that happening considering all the build up to the event. But it was all good and beautiful.

I'm so crazy about this bunch of characters! I cannot seem to get enough of them and I'm forever thankful to HH for creating them and sharing them with us because hot diggity damn, do I love them! I sure hope there's going to be at least two more books. Because Lance and Darren, you know. Obviously not together. Ha!

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