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Review: Wicked Sexy Liar

Wicked Sexy Liar Wicked Sexy Liar by Christina Lauren
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As excited as I was in reading this book (because who doesn't get excited about a new CL book, right?), I was equally apprehensive--I love Ansel from the first book in this series and we all know who Luke Sutter was. By the time I started reading it, I wanted to smack myself upside down for delaying. The Luke I started to get to know page by page was nothing compared to the Luke I thought of in passing when reading Ansel and Mia's book. Talk about a turnaround!

Luke and London's chemistry leapt right off the pages. Wow! I cannot get enough of these two. Luke became more than just Mia's ex to me. I did not know much about London going into this story but I really loved how her character steadily grew in this book. I loved how she is strong on her own--I really felt for her when she talked it out with Mia after finding out about her history with Luke. Not a lot of women could do that, least of all not be a bitchy about what happened in the past.

When you are left with a smile after you've read a book, you know you just had a glimpse of fictional heaven. Do I wish that the story was longer? Or for the epilogue to have stretched a bit further in the timeline? Hell, yeah. I would really like to know how they grew from the early start of their relationship. But I'm crossing my fingers to still get to see them in future books in this series.

More, por favor.

(And Not Joe's name is really Dylan and I really want him have to have a book of his own. I have a feeling there's more to what he's letting on. Please, please, please, book gods!)

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