Saturday, July 16

Review: Made in America

Made in America Made in America by Jamie Deschain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I just really intended to take a peek at the first few pages of this book before planning to go through it sometime later. But that prologue got I ended up reading the entire thing on an early Saturday morning.

This was a really nice surprise to kick off my weekend. The title and the blurb did not prepare me enough for this story. Although there were some points that were a bit extreme--Grant fired his current assistant so that he can give Raven a job and there relationship started off a bit quickly for my taste. Not to mention that Grant was a tad douche-y on their first meeting had my eyebrows raising. But then without that then there would be no story.

This book turned out more okay than I had expected. I did not expect the conflict was going to be going that sad. I felt Grant and Raven's connection and all that emotion. The fact that this story was told in dual POV made me appreciate better the more important aspects of the story.

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