Monday, July 25

Review: Ms. Manwhore

Ms. Manwhore Ms. Manwhore by Katy Evans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If I wasn't prepared for Boyfriend Malcolm, I certainly I was not prepared for Fiancé Malcolm. This man is just too much for my senses. Trust me. He may be able to give the world to Rachel but he certainly knows how to make her happy even if she wants the simplest of things. These two and their chemistry was too fun to read.

This novella was a great extended a epilogue to their story, not to mention that it was a great segue for the next books in the series. It just makes me clamor for Tahoe and Gina's story while dream about the possibilities of Callan's story. Am I the only one who wishes for just a bit of a read and go deeper into Wynn and Emmett's love story? Surely there's something there. I really hope she would get a book. Oh, hey. I would even settle for a novella. Ahhh!

This series is fast becoming oh-la-la good!

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Rowena said...

I've been seeing these books around but haven't gotten around to it. I may just have to go out and grab these books myself. Thanks for the review Kookie! :)

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