Thursday, September 15

Review: Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl Dirty Girl by Meghan March
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the second series by MM that I'm reading. I have loved the first one so much so there's a bit of a high bar for this series to meet.

Unfortunately, this book didn't quite impress me as much. As hot as the action is in this book (phenomenal, MM-style!), I did not feel the story so much. I'm not saying that the story was overwhelmed by all that sexy action but I didn't feel that it was center enough. I was really expecting so much more on that front. But that didn't stop me from enjoying this because MM writes great characters, no doubt about that.

Since this was a duet, I knew the first book was going to end as a cliffhanger but I did not expect it go that way. That was some twist!

PS--I also loved seeing Crey Karas again and seeing the protective big brother side of him. He was such a joy to read in his and Holly's Dirty trio of books so it's only natural to feel great when revisiting already-loved characters.

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