Thursday, September 15

Review: Dirty Love

Dirty Love Dirty Love by Meghan March
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ahhh, so we've come to the nitty gritty of this story. I really thought it would pick up the rather slow pace of the first book. Unfortunately, I still felt something lacking from the mix. Prose-wise, the writing is still good and entertaining but as with the first book, I've set the bar for MM books and it is a little high.

There's nothing quite like putting in a bit of a mob twist to make things interesting. While this worked for me in the first Dirty series, it didn't quite give me the hook this time around. There were things going on in different tangents and yet at the same time, I still felt no main, solid story front and center. Not to mention that I didn't feel enough growth in the characters, especially with Greer who still came off as a tad childish. Too childish for Cav's character.

But in the end, MM still managed to pull off a good series. Still a good read. Say, will we be getting a story with Banner and Logan doing the horizontal chacha? I certainly want to read that.

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