Tuesday, September 27

Review: Hitched: Volume Three

Hitched: Volume Three Hitched: Volume Three by Kendall Ryan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a great wrap-up to this cutesy story. Gggg, Noah is just too cute!!! I mean, I know there were times that he was cocky but it didn't come off as douche-y on my end. He was just ridiculously funny. That made him the perfect match for Olivia who tended to be too serious.

As a whole, this series was like a breath of fresh air. There wasn't really the usual stereotypes. It was Olivia who was the numbers person while Noah was the people person. While what Noah did at the end of book two is more commonly done by women (no offense!), the fact that that he was panicking enough to the point of thinking of doing it was another unusually unexpected (but good!) twist.

The only thing I would've loved to see but didn't? An epilogue with Noah as a dad in a totally hilarious scene with his two-year old kid. I would've gobbled that up.

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