Thursday, September 29

Review: The Lie

The Lie The Lie by Karina Halle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First, I would like to say that cheating will never sit well with me. That's the reason why this book was such a struggle for me to get into. I just had to eventually accept and be at peace that it was focal to the plot and it was a necessary evil for the story to work.

Once I was able to get over my hang-up (because the alternative was to skip a book in this series...which is not an option!), I found this read too heartbreakingly sad. Brigs and Natasha found each other when Brigs wasn't free. And when he tried to do something about it, everything blew up on his face and he lost more than he imagined. Then the guilt came in and swallowed him whole, leaving none for Natasha.

But what Fate wants, Fate gets because they eventually managed to find each other again after a few years. Despite crazy friends (psycho alert!), they managed to heal the hurt from the past and kept their relationship this time around.

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