Thursday, October 6

Review: The Redemption

The Redemption The Redemption by Lauren Rowe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've already made it clear that I am in love with Jonas and Sarah's coupleship. These two is a force together. That's not up for any debate anymore so let me talk about what else I loved in this book.

I really liked that this book generously went back to Jonas and Josh's past. It really painted a clearer picture of what these two brothers went through at a very young age. All the more for me to have a better understanding of of what shaped them before adulthood. And although I really liked Josh from what I have already read about him in the first two books, I fell hard for this other Faraday brother in this book.

The way he was when Jonas was at his darkest, talking for the both of them, and practically living for him when Jonas withdrew from everything gave a picture of just how strong he was as a person and as a brother. It is such a breath of fresh air because familial discord is mostly the default in most books nowadays. I mean, this book had that in spades as well but the relationship that Jonas and Josh had when they were kids up until they were full grown adults made me really wish I had a brother that would always have my back. The Faraday brothers were such a joy to read that they make my heart smile. No kidding.

And hey, no cliffhanger ending here. Woot woot!

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