Saturday, October 8

Review: Well Hung

Well Hung Well Hung by Lauren Blakely
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

LB always delivers should you need yourself a fix of good ol' romance with lots of laughs. This turned out to be a fast read for me because it was so fun and absolutely entertaining.

The Wyatt and Natalie show was just a hoot. I couldn't stop grinning because these two were just combustible when they finally gave in to their attraction of each other. The genuine chemistry? Too palpable.

Yes, they were cray-cray for getting married. They were drunk and they were in Vegas and they were just ridiculous. And yet, I couldn't even judge them for those things. LB made this story work with the sexy banter and the comfortable pacing. I'm so sorry, Wyatt, but reading the "poisoned" sandwich scene almost made me laugh out loud but I was at work (ssshhh!) so I just had to hold it in. Ay, Dios mio what a dose of happy pill this was!

And oh, that cover. *makes the sign of the cross and almost genuflects!* How well hung is that! Nom!

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