Wednesday, November 2

Review: The Mistake

The Mistake The Mistake by Elle Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The theme of jockdom and just pure awesomeness from EK continue. This time, it was Logan's turn. John Logan. I did not know what to expect with his story because I was really bothered by his attraction to Hannah from the first book. Thankfully, I slowly figured it out before Hannah even sat him down to talk about it. I just love that girl!

Lo and behold! This turned out to be a really enjoyable read--although I'm still thinking about whether it's better than the previous book. For now, I've decided that they are equally great. I love how EK built up the story and really put in a solid plot, that I could really feel the reality of these characters because there was more to the story than just the romance, that these are normal people with normal day-to-day problems. I loved it when Grace called Logan on about. making her his distraction. Time to grovel, boy!

I was buzzed with all these feels and then ugly crying and then there were happy tears. What a fantastic read! A total keeper!

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