Tuesday, November 1

Review: Rock My Beat

Rock My Beat Rock My Beat by Everly Bloom
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Okay, this book brought a new meaning to "well, that escalated quickly." Although I found this book essentially hot and funny, I wasn't satisfied enough with the plot. The timeline was too short--less than two weeks! So the story felt rushed especially since I love my romance novels to have teeth and I didn't feel this book had enough bite to it.

I liked enough the easy and funny dialogue and the secondary characters that make you feel bad because they probably wouldn't be getting books of their own. (Ahhh, I wish they would sometime in the immediate future though.) But despite the hot and sexy scenes, I still felt weary about Jimmy's temper and Jenna's propensity to run even right at the end. Overall, this was an okay read but even with the great start, I think the story just plateaued for the most part.

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