Thursday, December 8

Review: Forbidden Nights

Forbidden Nights Forbidden Nights by Lauren Blakely
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just like the previous book I reviewed, this book may be my most favorite from this author yet. LB has been delivering win after win for me. Although there might have have been a few that didn't come up to my expectations, I don't think I have ever read a really bad book from her.

I loved this series and this book was a great way to close if off. The friends-to-lovers plotline is always a personal favorite. The way Nate and Casey decided to take their relationship to the next level was a joy to read--because of what Casey wanted to learn and with how Nate tried to delay the inevitable for as long as possible...or necessary; that it was Casey who wanted to start something physical while Nate was the one who always had feelings for her all that time. I was seduced by the natural progression of their relationship even if it was already expected. I guess LB just had a way of spinning the narrative--that it was still enjoyable to read even if it wasn't the first time I've read something to that twist.

It's sad to say bye-bye to this character but with the way LB's worlds intersect with each other, I'm pretty I'm going to bump into some of these characters in her other books. I am most definitely looking forward to reading more of her stuff when I can.

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