Wednesday, December 7

Review: Womanizer

Womanizer Womanizer by Katy Evans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! Wow! What a trip! This was an amazing read. I think this may have been my most favorite book from this series...or even by KE. I guess this means I now have to read her Real series as well.

Although I was a bit put off by the cig on the cover and also by the fact that Callan and Livvy were into smoking (I just can't stand the smell of cigarettes!), I had to let it go and not to let it factor in too much about what I think of the whole story because I loved, loved, loved it.

Callan really surprised me because I did not know he had this side to him. The way he pursued Livvy made me all melty inside. Ohmygod! I cannot even do justice to all the feels that I had the entire time I was reading this book. I really wanted to have it longer because I just loved getting into the chemistry between the main characters...and totally felt like a voyeur. That was how effectively intimate this book was written. I just gobbled that up!

I hope this won't be the last book in the series because it would be awesome to revisit these characters. Too bad there was minimal reference to Saint and Rachel in this book but there was enough Tahoe and Regina to make up for that. There are still a few characters in this world whose stories need to be told so I hope we get to read about them. I'll just hang out here and read other stuff while I wait for those.

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