Sunday, December 4

Review: Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds Out of Bounds by Lauren Blakely
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a pretty quick and fun read. The fact this was an LB book and a sports romance to boot meant I had to read it the first chance I got. And I'm glad that I did because this book turned out to be a good pick. Although I was glad to have found a really enjoyable novella during a very busy week that could only make room for quick reads, I enjoyed this book so much that I feel bad that this was not a full-length book.

I loved the cutesy vibes I was getting from Dani and Drew's chemistry. Eeeeeep! The anticipation of whether they were getting a stab at a real relationship considering their positions in their professional lives added to the thrill. The one thing to be thankful for that this was only a novella was the fact that there was little drama and that the possible conflicts weren't dragged out. These two had it easy. I guess it worked with the overall feel of the book.

This is another win by LB! I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a quick and light read with the right amount of romance and fun.

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