Tuesday, December 27

Review: The Player

The Player The Player by Claire Contreras
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don't know why I've decided to delay reading this book when I have always enjoyed the books by CC that I've read so far. This was no different as I got hooked into this story as soon as I decided to sit down with it. And it wasn't even because this was a sports romance (which I looove) about football (which I probably love more!).

It still surprises me how very few books go the dual POV route. I love, love, love it when authors do that because then you would know exactly what both main characters were about that single POV stories just can't seem to capture. This was one of the reasons why I got hooked to this story so easily.

But aside from that, there were other things I loved equally from this book. The fact that Camila was not a big fan of the sport and did not know who Warren was was fun to read. I get that there are some people who may not be into a particular sport but they happen to fangirl for a particular athlete from that certain sport. Camila wasn't into that either. I loved that Warren had to woo Camila in his own way. Sooo effing sexy, these two. Oooh, butterflies! But I loved most that their story went beyond just their love story, that there connection was beyond the expected. I pride myself in being able to guess some plot twists but I did not easily make this one out.

But I loved how this all ended, that everyone became at peace with their pasts--although I wish Warren had more time to fix his relationship with his father. But I still loved the overall feel of the story. So, there. I'm not biased that this is a football romance because, man, do I hate Barcelona! And I still enjoyed this. (Hala, Madrid! Yep, just couldn't not say that.)

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