Sunday, December 25

Review: Sex Sessions: After the cut

Sex Sessions: After the cut Sex Sessions: After the cut by Charisse Spiers
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The story of Saxton and Kambry continues, this time without the cameras. This sexy duo has taken their relationship to a new level while managing to still be sexy as ever. I mean, what do you expect from a reformed porn star and his lady love, right? Sexy is coming out of their pores as these two just couldn't keep their hands away from each other.

Although I was warming up to their story, I am still bothered by how young Kambry is. At just eighteen (and from a very sheltered upbringing!), I can only picture her as too impressionable. With Saxton's persona and celebrity, I worry they won't last. But I guess that's the beauty of fiction--anything's possible! So I try to let go of my worries and just roll in all the love, love, love!

And then boom! Queue surprise twist...and a really twisted one at that! Wtf moment, right there! I cannot wait for the third book because this was a really bad cliffy. Sheeeeeez!

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