Monday, January 9

Review: Falling for the Babysitter

Falling for the Babysitter Falling for the Babysitter by Penny Wylder
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Before anything else, that cover can make you pregnant. It'll cause ovaries to explode. Because hot damn! Would you just look at that?! Ohgawd!!! So yeah, I need to make this review real quick before I dissolve into a puddle...

Okay, aside from the cover, I came across some reviews raving about this novella. Naturally, I went crazy with wanting to read this. Because, once again, how can I not after just looking at that cover?

Unfortunately, the story just didn't work out for me. It was smutastic and all's good on that front. Although I cannot argue the insta-lust angle, the fact that Deacon knew Remy since she was a kid just didn't sit well with me. (Yes, I can and will be a prude if I want to be.) It's just a simple no. And Remy? What exactly were her plans with her life after high school? I just could not connect with her character, was too disappointed with how she was written.

I finished this read because 1) it was a quick one, and 2) I was hoping it would get better. But meh, it didn't. It got worse. Ugh.

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