Tuesday, January 10

Review: The Only One

The Only One The Only One by Lauren Blakely
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ohhh, this was a really great read. The way it went, I was wanting it to be a full-length novel. Although I doubt if it would've come off as good as it did if it was? But no matter. Another great work from LB as usual.

I would never judge Gabriel for not having realized that Penny was Penelope from ten years ago. Not a couple days before I read this novella, I failed to identify someone who had changed her hair and make-up. We're talking about a famous celebrity that I might see anywhere on print, online, or on television whenever I want. Gabriel only had three days with Penny when they first met and never had any pictures of her. At all. So there won't be any judgment from my end.

But I loved the easy flow of this story. There was no heavy drama, just the coming together of two people who found their way back to each other. I just wanted to soak up in this reunion. I knew it wasn't going to be smooth sailing because ten years is a long time and people do change. But I loved this! And Shortcake, too!

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